Saturday, August 22, 2009


Once upon a time, there lived a giant in the forest. He had a circle head and circle body with a four legs. All animals in the forest were afraid of him. He was very cruel and greedy. He also very lazy so he always insisted on all animals to gave him some food. He only has a friend. He was elephant who has a magic power. Elephant always help him when he was in trouble.

One day in the morning. Giant went to monkey’s house. When he arrived at monkey’s house, he knocked on the door and shouted “Hello monkey”. Monkey was surprised. He walked to the door. He was very afraid to open the door. “Hey! Open the door!” shouted giant. Finally, monkey opened the door. “What do you want giant?” asked monkey. “I am hungry, I want all of your food” replied giant. “I don’t have food anymore” said monkey. “You lie! Give me your food!” said giant angrily. “I swear I don’t have food anymore. But I know who can give you some food” said monkey. “Who is he?” asked giant. “He is fly. He has many foods” replied monkey. After that, giant went out from monkey’s house and He went to fly’s house.
In the evening, fly was having a dinner. Suddenly he heard someone knocked the door. “Hey fly! Open the door!” shouted giant. Fly knew that giant came to his house to give him some food. He hide himself and hoped the giant couldn’t enter his house. “Hey! Open the door or I will destroy this!” shouted giant again. Fly didn’t want his door destroy by the giant so he open the door. “What do you want giant?” asked fly. “I want you to give me all of your food!” said giant. Fly was very afraid to giant. He said “Okay. You can take it yourself”. Fly went out from his house and asked giant to come in. When the giant entered house. He realized that he was too big to enter the house. He tried many times with different method but he still didn’t enter the house. He gave up and went home.
In the tomorrow morning giant had an idea to make him can enter fly’s house. He went to elephant house to help him. Finally he arrived in elephant house he asked elephant help. “Hey el, can you help me?” asked giant. “Yes of course” answered elephant. “You must change me become the smallest animal with your magic power” ordered giant. “Okay. No problem. But when you become small you can’t back to your big size again” said elephant. “Okay. Let’s make me smaller now!” said giant happily.
Finally giant became the smallest animal and he went to the fly’s house. “Hey fly! Open the door!” shouted giant. When fly opened the door he was surprised because giant was become small. “Haha. Now I can take all of your food with my small body” said giant. “Stupid giant. I will not give you my food anymore because I don’t afraid of you now” said fly. He closed the door and giant couldn’t do anything to open the door. He regretted of making his body become small.
After that everybody called him ant, not giant anymore. And he always find the food himself until now.


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